Applying for Membership

Membership shall be open to corporations offering higher education programmes leading to a degree corresponding to Level 5 or above of the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework or equivalent awards.
There shall be three categories of members:

  • Founder Members
  • Full Members
  • Associate Members

Full Membership

To be eligible for full membership an applicant shall satisfy the following criteria.

  • Have an investment of a minimum of LKR 100 Million.
  • Have a minimum number of 300 full-time equivalent undergraduate/post graduate students enrolled in education programmes leading to the award of a degree or equivalent qualifications.
  • The number of full-time or full-time equivalent academic staff and students should be in the ratio of 1:30 of which 50% must be on the full-time basis.
  • Have been in the provision of education programmes, leading to the award of degrees,for more than 3 years.
  • Have the annual accounts approved by a Charted Auditor

Associate Membership

Applicants who fail to satisfy the aforesaid conditions for full membership may be granted

  • Associate Membership subject to an assessment of the applicant’s capacity to meet the Association’s objectives in accordance with pre-determined conditions and rules established by the executive committee. An associate member shall be entitled to apply for full membership on satisfying the criteria for full membership given above.
  • An associate member shall not be entitled to be elected to the executive committee but may be appointed to any subcommittee or academic cell established by it.



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