Sri Lanka Association of Non-State Higher Education Institutes (SLANSHEI) is an umbrella organization formed with the initiation of seven leading institutes coming together to address the needs of the non-state higher education sector in the country in the year 2016. The association was established with the overall mission of working for the betterment of higher education in Sri Lanka and providing wide ranging, relevant and quality education opportunities to a broader cross section of the Sri Lankan society.

SLANSHEI is incorporated as an Association/Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act, No. 07 of 2007 and the registered number is GA 3121. The Association was formed on 21st December 2015 and the inauguration of the Association was held on 11th February 2016.

The seven founder members of the Association are Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT), Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC), Horizon Campus (HC), Asian Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka), South Asian Institute of Technology and Management (SAITM) and Aquinas College of Higher Education. Apart from these founder members, Sanasa Campus, Saegis, KIU and Gateway Graduate School currently act as its full member institutes.

Since its inception, SLANSHEI has been successful in executing various programmes country-wide up to-date. The organization further seeks to increase its member institutes and expand its services to all parts of the island. The SLANSHEI further aims to be the spearhead in promoting quality education to the youth of Sri Lanka through its member institutes thereby building the Human Resource capacity of the country.



Making higher education opportunities to ensure sustained development.



To provide opportunities of quality higher education for all.



  1. To provide a forum and other mechanisms for the sharing and exchange of expertise, knowledge, best practices and other resources of private higher education institutions and or those persons interested in improving higher education locally and internationally.
  2.  To foster the study and resolution of problems impacting higher education institutions and to co-ordinate a unified approach among higher educational institutions to resolve common issues.
  3. To strengthen the functioning and capacity of higher education institutions and facilitate cooperation among them for effective service delivery and development at all levels.
  4. To promote the benefits of quality private sector higher education to the Sri Lankan public and to other relevant bodies and agencies.
  5. To provide a united and influential voice in the representation of interest on higher education policies, legislation, plans, development programs and other measures affecting the members and to negotiate with appropriate government and other agencies for continued student and institutional benefits and issues related to student registration and attendance.
  6. To promote the non- state higher education institutions and programmes abroad in order to make Sri Lanka the ‘Vision of Education Hub in Asia’.
  7. To establish and maintain linkages and collaborative relations with regional and international companies, agencies, institutions and other organizations in order to achieve the above objects. Provided however, the company shall not engage in any primary and secondary educational activities.


    1. Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) www.sliit.lk
    2. Colombo International Nautical & Engineering College (CINEC) www.cinec.edu
    3. Horizon Campus www.horizoncampus.edu.lk
    4. South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) www.saitm.edu.lk
    5. Aquinas University College, www.aquinas.lk
    6. Institute of Charted Accountants Sri Lanka (ICASL) www.casrilanka.com
    7. Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) www.apiit.lk


      Name Designation Institution
      Prof. (Capt.) Nalaka Jayakody President CINEC
      Mr. Upul Daranagama Vice-President 1 Horizon Campus
      Rev. Fr. Malcom Candappa Vice-President 2 Aquinas College of Higher Education
      Prof. Colin N. Peiris Honourary Secretary SLIIT
      Prof. K. A. S. Dhammika Honourary Treasurer CA Sri Lanka
      Prof. Lakshman Rathnayake Elected Councillor SLIIT
      Dr. Athula Pitigala-Arachchi Elected Councillor APIIT
      Dr. Ruwan Perera Elected Councillor Horizon Campus
      Mr. Prashanth Chanmugam Elected Councillor Gateway Graduate School




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